Should Parents Use Emojis When Texting with their Children?

An emoji is a symbol used when texting to represent an emotion, feeling or an object. There are many emojis being used and they have different meanings. An emoji can have more than one meaning depending on where it’s placed in a message.

With the changes and advancement in technology, there are mobile applications that have come up. Making a comment or texting may be replaced by one emoji, a combination of a number of them or use of words and emojis together.

The symbols come with their advantages and disadvantages and parents should weigh other options before engaging in them.

Advantages of Using Emojis

  • They are a Mode of Communication

At this time and age, emojis are being used all over as a mode of communication and should be embraced. Parents using emojis to communicate with their children shows that they embrace changes and current trends. But for professional use, like if you’re working for a place like the Farmers Bank of Sheridan or any other corporate business in general, you will want to avoid using anything resembling an emoji.

Some emotions can only be fully expressed by the use of emojis. A parent cannot explain in words how happy or sad they are but an emoji will give a clear picture of the feeling.

  • Are Fast to Type

At times one has limited time to pass a message. A long paragraph can be simplified by the use of emojis and still convey the intended message.

Disadvantages of Using Emojis

  • They are Unprofessional

Use of emojis is viewed as an unprofessional mode of communication. A parent wants to look professional to their children by use of collect grammar when communicating. A parent using emojis lowers their standard to that of their children and cannot be taken seriously

  • They Have Hidden Meanings

An emoji may look simple and as having a clear meaning but it may also have some hidden meanings. A parent may use an emoji to communicate with their child but end up looking ignorant. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of their children.

  • Do Not Develop One’s Grammar

Parents should be on the front line campaigning for use of correct grammar. Use of emojis limit one use of words and does not broaden one’s use of correct grammar. An emoji is a shortcut to a long explanation and Denys one in choosing correct words to use.

  • Encourage Online Bullying

Those using social platforms are known to use emojis to lower others self-esteem. Parents should set a good example for their children by keeping off emojis attached to burying. A parent may not be as informed as their children when it comes to coded language. Keeping off these emojis shows one is not in support of such burying.

  • Can Show Disrespect

Use of emojis lowers one level to that of their children. Children tend to assume that the parent has gone down to their level thus opening opportunities of being disrespected. A parent may not know the hidden meaning of these emojis and may convey a message to their children without their k knowledge.


Parents should only use emojis that they clearly understand and when there is a need to do so. Even though parents are advised to avoid using emojis, they should not be ignorant because software exist that can decode their meanings. Children should be monitored and the language they use investigated.

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