The Rise of the Emoji

in school holiday shopEmojis have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are a way in which we can better communicate via text messaging and on social media. They help define a person’s mood and meaning in a non-verbal conversation where a person’s meaning or feelings might be difficult to detect. There is now an emoji for nearly every feeling and concept, and they have done a great deal of good in improving non-verbal communication. Emojis have even become popular outside of the media world and have popped up in stores.

Emojis are especially popular amongst the younger generation as they use them often to better communicate via text messaging and social media. There is a sort of fascination younger people have with emojis that the older generation may not understand. In fact, I have noticed as I walk through stores like Walmart or TargetĀ that emojis have been turned into all kinds of toys and decorations.

Kids seem to be becoming especially obsessed with emojis. In fact, plush emojis have even become popular plush toys. Last Christmas, when my daughter went shopping at herĀ in school holiday gift shop, she brought home an emoji for each of her siblings. Amazingly, she found emojis that fit each of their personalities perfectly. The emoji plush toys seemed to actually be the favorite gift of all of my children this year. Who would have ever thought?

The popularity of emojis is surprising and unusual, but it makes sense. They have become a form of communication. It makes one wonder what will be next? With each new iPhone update, it seems like new emojis are released. They have now gone far beyond the original smiley face or frowning face. In addition to the original facial expressions, there are now food emojis, animal emojis, accessory emojis, and so many more.

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